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Tuesday 11 Rabīʿ I 1442 - 27/10/2020 5:45 PM
Cotton categories

Ministerial Decree No.177 of 2018

Identification of Cotton Planting Regions Season 2018

Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

- After reviewing the Agricultural Act No.53 of 1966 and its amendments, the approval of the cotton planting seeds provision committee and the report presented by the head of agricultural services and follow-up sector.


Article no.1 : It is not permissible to cultivate varieties that contravene the specified varieties of each region in 2014.

Article no.2 : This decree excludes cultivated areas that belong to the Ministry of Agriculture and experimental fields of Cotton Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center in accordance with the provisions of article no.21 of the farm bill issued by the Act no.53 of 1966.

Article no.3 : It is forbidden to cultivate American Upland cotton and other varieties that are not mentioned in this decree.

Article no.4 : The cotton variety (Giza 92) : It is cultivated in Damietta governorate except the specified areas for Giza 87 and Giza 93.

Article no. 5 : The cotton variety Giza 88 : It is cultivated in Markaz Shubrakhit  – Al Buhayrah governorate.

Article no.6 : Cotton variety (Giza 86): It is planted in the following governorates : Kafr el Sheikh , El Dakahleyah , El Gharbia , El Sharqia, El Buhayrah ( except Markaz shubrakhit ) , Ismailia , Port Said , Alexandria , Monufia , Qalyubia and Nubarya region.

Article no.7 : Cotton variety ( Giza 80 ) : It is planted in El Minya governorate.

Article no.8 : Cotton variety ( Giza 90) : It is cultivated in the following regions : the governorates of Beni Suef , El Faiyum , Asyut , Sohag
and the planting regions in New Valley and Qena.

Article no.9 It is not allowed for any cotton variety to be cultivated within a   distance of one kilometer from those varieties cultivated in fields subjected to ministry supervision.

Article no.10 : This decree is published in the Egyptian Gazette and activated from the following day of publication. It is issued in January 19,2014.

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